Friday, January 2, 2015

New series of short Stories -Child's First Prayer

Child's First Prayer

While living in China I had the privilege of sharing my home with my niece (as well as my two youngest children). One morning she innocently asked me 2 questions that I could not answer. "Does God shower and does he have big feet". I told her that I honestly don't know, but I find that when searching for answers it is best to go directly to the source. She replied "OK how do I do that". At that moment, I understood that she had never said a prayer. I told her it is really quite simple, close your eyes, think about what you would like to say and point your thoughts towards God. If you stay very quiet and relaxed you will hear the answer. She did and told me she got a yes to both. I guess life does not have to be that complicated.

Kids make the greatest teachers.