Friday, May 27, 2016

Open Style Grappling 2016 Rules

OSG 2016 Rules

Rules may be updated periodically to improve fairness and safety for competitors . Please check with officials and attend Grapplers Meeting before any competitions . 
Next Event: Orlando FL July 10, 2016.

Open Style Grappling

Uniform and protective equipment and other requirements:
  • Contestants must wear a T-shirt or uniform top, Martial arts pants or fight shorts, . No jewelry or watches and nails must be trimmed. All contestants must be bare footed,
Note: Contestant must be free of serious infectious diseases 
Competition area:
  • The competition area consists of one ring which is a square. The square being approximately 15 x 15 feet in size. (May vary venue to venue)
Match Format:
  • A match consists of three 2-minute rounds with a 1 Minute break in between rounds. 
  • The clock will stop when the Center Referee stops the action for infractions, injuries or technical reasons.
  • The round is scored at the end of the 2 minute period
  • The winner of the first two round wins the match
Preparation and Progression of Match:
  • Play is begun with the contestants in a forward stance
  • When play is stopped for any reason, contestants return to the starting position
The contestants can use all the pushing, tripping, grappling, throwing techniques with all body parts except the head, but no punching, kicking, full sweeping, attacking on the head, clawing or striking the throat, eyes, ears or groin.
  • One point is awarded if the throw was completed when the contestant executing the throw remains  in a position of control (Including on the ground).
  • One point is given for maintaining control on the ground
  • One point is awarded if the opponent on the ground is able to get to his feet or gain a dominant position
  • Three points are awarded if an individual falls or is taken down inside or outside the ring while the other remains standing
  • Stepping on the perimeter line constitutes outside the ring.
  • 3 Points are awarded for a perfectly executed throw and the contestant executing the throw remains standing
  • Contestants will be called back to a stand up position due to prolonged inactivity on the ground
  • Contestants can also win the round by submission at any point in any given round.

Round Winner:
  • A round is awarded if a contestant reaches (12) points
  • A round ending with a tie score: contestant that possessed more control over opponent or cleaner technique will be awarded the round
Match Winner:           The first contestant who wins the first two rounds wins the match
Warnings: Illegal Techniques & violations
  • Kicking, striking, kneeing and elbowing
  • Spiking (Pile Driving)
  • Slamming opponent to the ground with excessive force
  • Attacking to the head, neck, throat, ears or groin
  • Attacking or locking the joints with intention to injure
  • Attacking or pushing with head
  • Pulling hair or clothes
  • Using any technique determined to cause injury
  • Receiving coaching during the round
  • Avoiding engagement with opponent.  (Stalling)
  • Any joint lock or choke applied with the intention to injure will be cause for immediate disqualification to the contestant applying the technique
Each warning will result in a point being awarded to the other contestant
3 warnings in a match will result in the loss of the match
Disqualification:      The following will result in immediate disqualification
  • Excessive and dangerous use of force
  • Accumulation of 3 warnings
  • Attacking the eyes
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct by the athlete or coach


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